Moving Checklist

For many years, our award-winning professional moving company in Toronto has been delivering the best moving services to help you relocate within Ontario efficiently. Our full-service movers at ComfyMove have created a moving checklist with the expert moving tips you need to help you be fully prepared for your moving day.

Two Months Before Moving Day

Book your move with our full-service Toronto moving company before our calendar fills up. For larger relocations or commercial moves, the sooner you schedule your moving day, the better we can accommodate your preferred date preference. Contact one of our customer support representatives to customize your moving plan to adjust to your budget, deadlines, and moving services required, such as moving labour, transportation, packing services, or storage options.

Get Your Move Organized!

Create a file with your moving details, documents, receipts, and more.

Start eating frozen food or condiments that you do not want to take with you.

Create an inventory list, separated by categories, for all your belongings. These categories should include items to keep, throw away, or donate before your move.

Make a list of all the people and organizations you need to notify about your upcoming relocation and change of address. This list should include friends, employers, creditors, subscriptions, etc.

Make necessary preparations for storage, if needed. ComfyMove has a variety of storage options to select from.

Gather all of your personal records, including finances, the house deed, insurance, medical records, legal documents, school records, stocks, vehicle registration, wills, and other important papers. Place these documents in a secure and easily accessible bag or box.

Five Weeks Before Moving

Submit a “Change of Address” form to the Post Office.

Call and confirm dates to disconnect and connect all utilities, including cable, electric, gas, internet, oil, trash collection, and water, to your new residence. Remember to keep utilities connected at your current home until the end of your moving day.

Have a yard or garage sale to sell items you no longer want.

One Month Before Moving Day

Create a moving plan of where you want our furniture movers to move your belongings on the day of, which helps the move-in process flow more efficiently for our movers and packers.

If you are moving out or into a building with elevators, contact building management to schedule the use of elevators or for any other guidelines that must be followed.

Create an inventory list to help track all your belongings.

Start packing! Begin with nonessential items you will not need during your move. If you need assistance with packing, our professional packing service can help expertly wrap and secure your belongings.

Properly pack and label your moving boxes to keep your belongings organized during transit. Labeling your moving boxes will help our full-service movers unload your belongings more efficiently.

Coordinate babysitting for your children or pets on moving day.

Two Weeks Before You Move

Contact our Toronto moving company to confirm everything for your upcoming move, including a budget, moving services, timeline, and last-minute inventory adjustments.

The Week Before You Move

Review your moving checklist to confirm that nothing has been overlooked.

Clean and defrost your refrigerator and freezer. Disconnect electronics and appliances for the move.

Pack a bag of essentials that should include important documents, your wallet, phone charger, medications, a sweater, jewelry, or any personal belongings you want to have during the move.

Call to confirm that your utilities are connected inside your new home.

Clean your home before the movers start loading your belongings in the moving truck.

Moving Day

Wake up early! Strip your beds and pack up last-minute items.

Ensure you are home when your full-service movers arrive, which will help load your truck more efficiently.

Be prepared to pay the mover after your move is finished. Have payment on hand for moving expenses.

Run through your inventory list as your moving boxes are being unloaded and direct your Toronto movers where you would like to place your boxes.

Unpack your essentials before unloading all your moving boxes.

After the Move

Please remember to write a review about our Toronto moving and storage company! Our reliable Canadian movers love to receive feedback to help improve our moving services.

Are you ready to book a move? ComfyMove delivers the best moving services in Toronto to help you relocate your home or office efficiently. Enlisting our professional movers and packers can help make your move as stress-free as possible! Call 647-403-1605 to inquire about our moving and storage company or schedule a moving day.

Ready to move?

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Ready to move?

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