Why a Multi-Day Move Is Better

Moving is exhausting and emotionally draining. Therefore, avoid rushing the process if you don’t have to. To make your move feel less stressful, consider a multi-day move. In addition to making your move less stressful, it will give you time to appreciate your old home and belongings to make the transition easier. Multi-day moves are also usually more efficient than single-day moves.

Time to Appreciate Your Old Home and Belongings:

Having the time to appreciate your old home and belongings can make your moving process more pleasant. Take tidying expert Marie Kondo’s advice and express gratitude to your belongings for taking care of you. Her tidying method involves only keeping items that “spark joy” and getting rid of the rest after thanking them. She says that when you take the time to thank old items, it can help you let go without guilt. It helps you recognize your relationship with your possessions.

More Efficient Moves:

Another reason multi-moves are better is that movers are actually more efficient over two shorter days of moving. Since a multi-day move is less rushed, fewer accidents will occur. You’ll minimize the risk of damaging your belongings or old and new homes. It also gives you extra time to clean your old house or apartment. Multi-day moves give you time to remember things you may have forgotten. The extra time will help you avoid common moving mistakes. For instance, rushing may cause you to forget to set up your utilities at your new home. You may even end up adding extra stops to your move at the last minute. A multi-day move gives you more time to plan out the stops you need to make.

It Gives Your Body Time to Rest:

Moving is a strenuous activity. It involves a lot of lifting heavy items and walking. By spreading your move out into multiple days, you can give your body time to rest in between the days. This will give you more energy to move each day without overworking your body.

Highly Recommended for Larger Homes:

Not every move needs to be stretched out over multiple days, but it’s especially helpful for larger homes. There is a lot more to move and these homes often have more valuables. A multi-day move will ensure there will be enough time to move all valuables carefully. Larger homes also tend to require moving up and down flights of stairs which can make the process even more tiring.

BONUS TIP: Hire A Professional Moving Company.

To eliminate as much stress as possible, let us do the work for you! ComfyMove offers packing and unpacking services which can be completed over 2 days for most moves. Our professional crews will move all of your belongings with extra care. All items will be safely transported in our state-of-the-art moving trucks. Request a quote for your full-service move today!

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